When you come to select cloud solutions for your business, there are 4 options that I want you to be aware of before you make a choice. The first option is what we like to call the cloud ecosystem architecture. It will usually revolve around a cloud accounting package at the heart of it, which will be Xero, QuickBooks online, MYOB live, Saasu, and there’s others. Then, around it will be other cloud solutions with specific functionality that complement the cloud accounting solution, like inventory, point-of-sale, job management, and others.


Option 2 is ERP. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and that’s the concept of having one big system that does it all. All ERP systems will have the financial module at the heart of the system, and then they’ll have additional modules around them, like inventory, manufacturing, CRM, HR and others. In Australia, we’re seeing the likes of Netsuite, JCurve being very popular, and a lot of the large ERP solutions that were traditionally used by large organizations are now offering options for smaller businesses.


The third options that you need to be aware of are Industry-Specific systems. While the other options were generic systems, like a generic job management system or a generic system, like a generic job management system or a generic inventory system, there are systems that are designed for certain industries like a mechanical workshop, a childcare centre or a medical clinic.


The fourth option that I want you to consider is Custom Development. Sometimes the right thing for you business is to develop a little bit of code that does exactly what you need in exactly the way you need it. If you want to start exploring what option might work best for your business, book in and we’ll have a chat.