Project Description

Automatic loading of large number of jobs into simPRO for NBN contractor


This simPRO user has an installation contract with NBN.

As part of the contract, they receive a daily file with hundreds of addresses and installation details on a daily basis from NBN.

They then have to return the same file with status updates on each job.

They had a team of 30 staff doing this data entry alone!


We built a process for them that picks up the NBN file and creates or updates all the job details into simPRO.

Entering the daily jobs into simPRO is now a two-click process with a 100% accuracy. The same goes for the update back to NBN at the end of the day.

Implementation time

Specification was a big part of this project as the requirements were very complex and we wanted to make sure that we are making the best use of simPRO.

We worked in a combined team including the client, simPRO and our business analysts.

Once specification was completed, the process was up and running live and tested within 6 weeks.


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