Customised Cloud Solutions


Custom integration and software development

A customised cloud integration solution can help you streamline your business processes and improve efficiency, which can in turn increase your bottom line. A custom integration may be right  for your business if:

  • you’re using multiple cloud systems that don’t work with each other
  • you’re using an out-of-the-box system that needs some customisation
  • you want to automate a manual process.

We specialise in developing custom cloud integrations tailored to your business needs.  We’ve worked on successful integrations solutions for Xero, Unleashed, Handshake and more.

Our in-house analysts and developers work with you to:

  • Spec out your requirements and design your solution
  • Choose the right technology (or technologies) for your solution – sometimes more than one system may be needed
  • Develop and test your solution – we keep you involved during testing because you know your data, and as such are the most reliable source of feedback for our development team
  • Monitor your integration using the most modern tools available.

Our expertise lies in being able to extract and manipulate data so that it can be read, recognised and used by other systems.

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Successful integrations

Our customised integrations have seen many benefits for their businesses including:

  • Reducing manual entry
  • Providing valuable insights for the business
  • Improvements in speed to market, quality and overall efficiency.


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