What happens in our twenty-minute phone conversation?

It’s all about you and about your business. You’re going to tell us a bit about what the problem is. You’re trying to solve a problem, you’re trying to automate a process, you’re trying to replace some systems, you’re trying to make a decision.


And we’re going to talk about different options. We’re going to bring up all different options that we can think about, and start narrowing down to what direction can be right for you, so at the end of that session, you have some direction that you know you want to explore further.


Your question may be technical, your question may be about how to approach a change project in your business. We’re not going to tell you what cannot be done. We’re going to find ways. We’re going to explore together and find ways to make it work for you.


What’s not going to happen in a session is that we’re not going to give you a sales presentation of one of these solutions. We’re going to give you options. We’re going to look at directions. We’re going to give you tools for critical thinking about systems and architectures.