Machine learning, it’s coming, so if you don’t adapt and move with it and understand it you’re gonna get left behind.  I love technology, Innovation, and what it can do for us. All our software in the cloud, mobility, interconnectivity, they’re all fantastic developments that allow us to achieve so much more.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence, in general, suggest that computers would come up with their own ideas. That they would make stuff up. We look at people, and events, and we try to find patterns and correlations.


Yeah, it really got me thinking, that beginning piece of really understanding how we learn, and then the insight into this business intelligence space, And how we interact with it in our everyday life. – If we could teach computers to do that, they’re actually much better than us in finding patterns and correlations, in looking at large amounts of data and analyzing them.


We all start straight out of school with some set of rules and definitions. But what separates the exceptional professionals from the mediocre ones is the experience we’ve gained along the way.


We have all these amazing technologies, and it just happens and we go, don’t really think about why it’s happening and how it works. So, the ability to go down into a simple case and really break that down, just that example you put up of the observations and then the line of fit that best demonstrates it and how the actual algorithm was a fantastic information piece.


So if I suggest a new company that has this revenue, you’ll predict something around there.


It’s just mathematics. Applied in very clever ways, but just maths.


How it works, and how the brain of it works, is interesting for us, yeah, so fantastic talk, and definitely took away something today from it.


The system collects information from the point of sale, from the online orders, from the app. And the benefit for the business is not only in lowering under and overstaffing, but it’s actually in having the right people there, at the right time, to give the customer the best experience.


It’s quite a bit of science behind it, and for someone that does not really sort of techie, sort of, it was really informative, so thank you.


Machine learning, I hope I convinced you, is not magic. But it can do magical things for us and for our businesses.


Thank you.