A website specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence showed interest in Inbal’s talk at the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney 2018

MACHINE LEARNING Inbal Steinberg talks about Machine Learning

Our very own Inbal Steinberg featured a talk at the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney. Here is what it was all about. This talk is now available as an educational session for accounting firms. Contact info@convertworx.com.au to book yours.

ABE Explainer: What is machine learning and what does it mean for accounting?

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Inbal chatted to DigitalFirst about her recent interest in Machine Learning and what it means to accountants and business owners.

When we understand technology, we become better users of it. Machine learning is coming and early adopters are already reaping the benefits.

DigitalFirst How machine learning and artificial intelligence will change accounting


Getting on board with Unleashed was a breeze for Jason thanks to the skilled assistance of Inbal and Eran Steinberg of ConvertworX. “I just don’t know how we could have done it without them,” Jason says. Recalling the set up process, Jason reports that cleansing the data was a large project with the large backlog from the old system to go through. “A huge amount was redundant and we needed to get rid of that and start afresh,” he explains. This process was completed with assistance from ConvertworX so that Jason had clean, relevant data ready for the go-live with Unleashed.

Unleashed   Client Spotlight: Saison


Businesses often assume that all accounting programs are the same, but there are many small differences between MYOB and Xero that take time to learn. This is especially true when you are trying to replicate a function in MYOB by connecting a third-party program to Xero.  

Plugging apps together can only be taken so far. Steinberg advocates cloud ERP systems such as JCurve (a detuned version of enterprise app NetSuite) for companies that want to reduce complexity or are looking for deeper functionality. 

CRN   The numbers add up for online accounting integrator


Well, we always recommend the solution that is best for the client. When recommending Unleashed we say they provide the best support, and their implementation and on-boarding is great. Unleashed is a mature and robust solution you can rely on.

Unleashed   Partner Spotlight: ConvertworX