We deal with a lot of businesses that use Xero Cloud Accounting. Recently, though, some of them have started hitting the capacity limitations of Xero.


At the moment, it’s around 1,000 invoices per month that Xero recommends to use the system. After that, it starts slowing down a bit. We’re sure they’re going to improve on that, but at the moment, that poses a problem for several businesses. Does that mean that they actually need to leave Xero and move on? Not necessarily, if they’re loving it and it’s doing great things for their business.


For one of our clients, they’re using an ecosystem of Xero, Unleashed for order taking, and then Magento for eCommerce. Now every single transaction that happens in Magento, in e-commerce, flows into the inventory system, and then flows into Xero as two transactions, as you know, we won’t go into the details now. But that builds up and hits the capacity limitations in Xero.


What we did there is build a process that goes sneakily every night and removes all of those little transactions and batches them up into one transaction together. Only the ones that are cash transactions from e-commerce that are not really needed individually, and they get replaced with one elegant daily transaction.


Makes it a whole lot easier for everyone dealing with the system and, most of all, it allows them to continue using the system they love by just creating a little solution to overcome the problem.