How do I get a report based on invoices, not orders, from Unleashed?

Can I get a report on staff productivity from Workflowmax?

Can I make an agent commissions report from DEAR software?


Cloud software holds valuable information, but they vary in the level of reporting they provide.


Do you think you could get more insights from your software?

Do you spend time exporting data into Excel just in order to re-organize it and create the reports you are after?

Here is what I go through with my businesses when they encounter such issues.


Step one – look at the reports that are there

I know, it’s obvious, right?

Look at the reporting section, find a report that is close to what you need.

Use the built-in options the software has to filter, group, and summarise the data to try and achieve the information you are after.

Try to understand how the report works.

Look at a shipped order, an unshipped one, and a partially shipped one. Are they included in the report?

Look at a paid bill and an unpaid one, are they there?

It can take a while and be fiddly, and of course, if you have someone who knows the software they can probably save you some time in figuring it out.


Step two – contact support

Still can’t get the report you need?

Contact support.

Be very clear on what you are after.

Explain which report you started from, what you are trying to get and even point to a specific order number or invoice you want to see or not see in the report.

The better picture you give of what you are trying to achieve, the less iteration through email support.




Step three – consider external reporting

Didn’t manage to get your report out of the system?

Support confirmed that it is, in fact, not an option?

Consider building an integration to an online reporting database, like Zoho Reports or Microsoft BI.

Yes, it is an extra expense. So you need to make sure that you have exhausted the options that are within the software.

What will you get? All the raw data from the software in a reporting database to play with at your leisure, and build any reports you would like on top of it.


Give me a call, and I can walk you through the first steps of getting this done.

Good luck with your reporting!