Xero has released an early version of Xero Projects, a lightweight project management module that businesses can buy with a Xero subscription. Xero also sells a heavier duty PM tool called WorkflowMax.

Wondering what you will miss out on with Xero Projects? Here’s a list I have compiled from playing with the module and talking to Xero support.

Given that this is a launch for Xero Projects, some of these may change as Xero improves features.

In their blog, Xero have advised that they are already working on improvements, namely:

  • Project user permissions
  • Timesheet insights and reporting
  • Project templates
  • Integration with Xero Quotes
  • Integration with Xero Expenses
  • Xero Payroll integration
  • iOS and Android apps

If you see a must-have feature on this list then you should stick with WorkflowMax or similar software.

Omissions in Xero Projects

  • Projects are not included in the Find and Recode tool
  • Can’t link existing invoices/bills to projects
  • Can’t add custom fields to projects
  • No defaults for client or supplier
  • Can’t set up rules, automations or alerts
  • No project templates
  • Can’t give a default hourly rate for each staff member
  • There are no cost and margin rules
  • No sub-projects, work packages, or milestones
  • No approval process on expenses
  • No link to expense claims
  • No default margin rules on expenses
  • You can’t re-order tasks
  • Projects don’t show up in Xero’s global search
  • It is not linked to quoting process
  • Expenses in Projects are not created as bills (you have to re-enter them)
  • Staff cost is manual, it is not linked to payroll in Xero
  • Timesheets are separate to the payroll timesheet
  • Projects don’t show on the contact record in Xero
  • There is no link from a project invoice to the project it relates to
  • Can’t default a project to an income account
  • Can’t remove the link to an invoice (can void the invoice), or have some of the lines not be part of the project
  • Don’t seem to have many undo/re-do options


Inbal Steinberg

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