Do  you know the feeling when suddenly an application you’ve been using changes behavior even though you are certain have done nothing different to any other day?

It happen more with cloud solutions because the developers can introduce software changes at any time.

The big differentiator here is the support they give you in understanding what has happened and what your options are.

TradeGecko recently added basic functionality to its inventory management system to automatically push payments directly into Xero. This is particularly useful when orders come from an eCommerce platform (such as Shopify) and the customer has already paid for their purchase.

Once this feature has been fully implemented these orders will all be automatically marked as paid in Xero. Right now it’s still in its early stages but definitely heading in the right direction.

We had a chat with TradeGecko to learn more about where this feature currently stands and the plans for it going forward. And yes, their support was fantastic.

Since the official documentation for this part of the integration is still under review we’ve put together a few notes to make things clearer for those of you who are using the feature right now (or are planning to in the very near future).

What you would have seen

Many TradeGecko users have noticed this new recurring message in their log mentioning that a payment was not successful with a “Payments account is not connected” error message.


This message has appeared because there is no Xero payments account selected by default in the integration settings.

The solution? Select the appropriate payment account in TradeGecko (under Apps -> Xero Accounting -> Ledger Accounts):


Which account do I select?

Ideally you want to select the Xero bank account which those payments will hit. This will allow you reconcile the transactions more easily in Xero. The exact account you will select depends on the payment options of your online shopping cart:

Scenario Payments account to map Why
Credit card payments The bank account that receives the merchant account settlement payments So you can reconcile the merchant settlement payments in Xero
Credit card payments with large volumes You may want to link a credit card clearing account To make reconciliation in Xero easier
Paypal Link the Paypal account in Xero (assuming that you have Paypal feeding into Xero)
Paypal multiple currencies Don’t map anything TradeGecko only supports a single payments account and Xero will have a Paypal account for each currency
If your payments are only deposits You might want to link a prepayment account
Multiple payment options (e.g. credit card and Paypal) Don’t map anything TradeGecko only supports a single payments account
Do you have other scenarios? Share them in the comments below, and we can add them here.

When not to use this feature

At this point TradeGecko only supports a single payments account.

This means that you cannot use this feature if:

  • You receive payments into multiple bank accounts
  • You give your customers a choice of multiple payment options (e.g. credit card and Paypal)
  • Your Paypal account receives payments in multiple currencies (because it will be represented in Xero as multiple Paypal accounts)
    How to disable this feature

At this point you can’t stop this feature from working. If you don’t want to use it TradeGecko recommends that you just ignore the error messages for now. They will soon add a switch to the software that stops the error message if there is no payments account mapped.

What else you need to know

Payments will not appear in Xero right away. Remember that TradeGecko creates draft invoices in Xero first, approves them, and then applies the payment. We have seen this take place anywhere from between two minutes to two hours after creating the draft invoice.

This post has been reviewed by TradeGecko for technical accuracy before publishing.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts about this feature?

Is this likely to be helpful for your organisation?

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