Project Description

Bulk creation of RCTIs in Xero and emailing them to suppliers

What the problem was

Recepient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI) is a long-standing member in the Xero feature requests forum (link?, also link back from there with a comment, see if Xero can put a link for us? Inform the Xero staff in the forum of this solution) Surely Xero will build this feature at some stage, but for now there is still a gap in the bulk creation and emailing out of RCTIs in Xero.

How they work now

ConvertworX has built a custom automation that grabs a data file, generates bills in Xero and emails the RCTI documents to the suppliers. It also attached the PDF document to the bill in Xero for future reference. At one click of a button, the RCTI problem is solved.

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Inbal Steinberg

Founder at ConvertworX
Inbal Steinberg is a cloud solution specialist and cloud integrator with Convertworx based in Melbourne, Australia. With over 20 years experience as an IT systems analyst, Inbal spends her days reviewing business processes, data flows, and finding the best cloud solutions for clients. Backed by the team at Convertworx, Inbal is the go-to person for cloud advice which is sought after by both SME’s and top accounting firms in Australia.
Inbal Steinberg