If we only had a crystal ball to give us those insights into the unknown.

If we could only have that mathematical genius kid from the movies who would look at our business and see those hidden patterns and correlations, point us at the hidden gems, and move aside the distractions.

What if I told you we could…

The technology is there.

If the data is there.

Our phones, tablets and laptops harbour computing power ten times that of any genius.

And they are ready to learn our chosen field and become experts in it for us.

They are ready to identify patterns for us, study our clients, develop complex models for us.

We just have to know how to ask.

“To find the best candidates for machine learning use cases, ask yourself: If we only knew…”, Danny Lange, Uber

In my session at the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney next week, I will talk about how this can be done.

And not only by the giant tech companies.

The technology is available to all of us. Today.

We just need to know where to look.

I will be speaking about how to do this at the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney on 22 March 2018. Details here.